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My pre-order has been CANCELLED!! Both of them! First time I’ve ever cancelled a pre-order, but I won’t be missing much.

What made you cancelled it? :O I am filled with hype-ness (?) over the Games!

Part of my excitement died after reading the news of no customization and I already spent $80 on one game earlier in the year. I also have to renew my GameStop card because it expires in less than a month.

Oh well I can understand you fully! :>
I’m just so excited because I connect so many beautiful childhood memories with the original games and them being renewed is just *o*


I’m really humbled and amazed to have reached 1000 wonderful followers! I’m so amazed that I ever reach this point I have decided to do a giveaway! A lot of you have been with me from the start which means you know how often I have had to put the comics and episodes back up again once they have been taken down. I’m beyond grateful for each one of you.


#1: A complete Concert Collection and Vol. 1, 2, and 5 comics from Viz

#2: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom and Magical Adventures DVDs (region 1) and Vol. 1, 3, and 9 comics from Viz

#3: Vol. 2, 3, 5, and 9 comics from Viz


1. You must be following me. This is a giveaway to my wonderful followers.

2. Reblog or like this post (1 reblog = 1 entry).

3. You may reblog this post as many times as you’d like.

4. Your Ask Box must be open so I can notify you if you win. If your Ask Box isn’t open I will move onto the next person.

5. I will message you if you win and you must respond within three days. If you don’t I will move onto the next person.

6. I will be shipping internationally.

The giveaway ends November 18th! I will contact the people who have won and once I got confirmation from them I will announce the winners! Good luck!

You are so kind and doing so much for this fandom! Thank You! ♥★

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