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Just in case you didn’t realize! ★

Being a Fan means appreciating the great stuff and criticizing the stuff you don’t like! Glamorizing every flaw is delusional! And bases such as tumblr are also there for people expressing thoughts. If you can’t deal with them, keep scrolling. Telling people what to post and what not is something which shouldn’t be an the tag! ;)

We are a little fanbase! (The wonderful show and) people exchanging thoughts, is what keeps it alive!


Winx Movie 3 - Trailer

watch it: HERE

ugh, … just UGH !!! x.x

It’s the fkn Season-5-CGI/3D ! I bet when Rainbow started doing it, they didn’t knew, everybody would hate it!

But seriously, like that it doesn’t even feel like a Winx Movie! It’s just like a big season-5-episode ! x.x

It will be the first winx movie, I wont watch in the cinema… and suddenly I am not even sad about it anymore :S

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